Who We Are?

Lazor, also known as Lazortech, is a UK-based company specializing in the manufacture of a wide range of electronic accessories. Our products include smartwatches, tablets, power banks, cables, audio products like headphones, earbuds, and earphones (both wired and wireless), auto accessories, computer accessories, and power adapters. We serve both the B2C and B2B markets with a commitment to providing modern and innovative technology solutions to a global audience.

Our research and development, production, and production hub is based in Hong Kong and is focused on delivering high-quality, cutting-edge technology solutions. Lazor strives to offer premium experiences to our customers and is dedicated to expanding our distribution network and ensuring ease of use for end-users. Through our commitment to delivering quality products, services, and solutions, we aim to create value for our customers and establish ourselves as a trusted brand in every market we enter.

Our Principles


“To enhance the user experience through the delivery of exceptional value, promoting employee satisfaction, and having a positive impact on society.”


We aim to be a global leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, delivering high-quality products for enhanced user experience and positive impact on society.


Innovation, excellence, customer focus, employee satisfaction, and social responsibility.